What Should I Eat in Ho Chi Minh City?

What should I eat in Ho Chi Minh City? Ho Chi Minh City is known as the land of diverse regional cuisine, a combination of many different flavors. Therefore, when arriving in the city named Uncle Ho, many people wonder what it’s like to eat here. The following is a list of eleven of the most famous Ho Chi Minh City dishes that will make you “addicted” to the region’s fine cooking.

Bub Dau Mam Tom

1. Bun Dau Nam Tom

Rice vermicelli with fried tofu, cooked pork belly dipped in shrimp paste is a unique and popular dish of Vietnam that not all countries have.

The special thing of a delicious “bun dau mam tom” is definitely the taste of shrimp paste. Squeezing a little more lemon juice and a touch of sugar to reduce the salty of the shrimp paste, stirring until it is well mixed.

This is definitely a dish you must try when coming to Ho Chi Minh City.

Shrimp Hotpot

2. Shrimp Hotpot

If you are wondering what to eat tonight in Ho Chi Minh City, try this delicious shrimp hotpot right away. It sounds a bit strange, but it is quite familiar to those who love seafood. Starting as a specialty of Bien Hoa, shrimp hotpot has quickly become famous throughout Ho Chi Minh City for its special flavour.

Vietnamese Snails

3. Snail

Snails are so familiar to young people in Ho Chi Minh City, from restaurants to food stalls, there are delicious snail dishes everywhere. The richness in the types of snails, the variety in cooking style has turned the snail dish into a delicacy for young people.

The delicious snails in Ho Chi Minh City you must try include: coconut snail, garlic snail, salty spicy snail, grilled red snail, fried nail snail, snail porridge. Furthermore, the shops selling snails often have a variety of other fresh seafood for you to choose from, such as clams, oysters, shrimp, crabs and squid; a full-flavoured seafood meal that you’ll just want to eat every day!

The famous Ho Chi Minh City famous snail restaurants are: Oasis (District 1), Snail (District 2), Snail Market Ban Co (District 3), Oc Oanh (District 4).

Banh Khot

4. Banh khot

Coming to Saigon, you should not miss the crispy and delicious Banh Khot. The good Banh Khot has a standard crunchy, fragrant coconut water with different topping that you can choose: minced meat, seafood, eggs. A pretty round cake, wrapped with herbs, dipping with delicious garlic fish sauce is just wonderful!

Banh khot will definitely be a great answer for those who still wonder what to try in Ho Chi Minh City . This is one of the delicious dishes in Ho Chi Minh City or any southern province. The famous Banh Khot restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City are: Co Ba Vung Tau, Banh khot Khanh, Co Lien, Kim Ngan.

Canh Bun

5. Canh Bun

From the corner of primary schools to 5 star restaurants, Canh Bun is such a popular choice for people in Ho Chi Minh City. The soup is made of delicious both with pork, tofu, crab, tomato and will keep you full from morning to evening.

The Canh bun restaurants that attract both domestic and foreign tourists are: Bun rieu Ganh Ben Thanh Market, Bun rieu Binh Thanh , Bun rieu Ong Tien alley, Bun rieu Tuyet Ngan.

Bo La Lot

6.Bo La Lot

One of the famous Ho Chi Minh City food is definitely Bo La Lot. With minced beef wrapped in betel leaf and a touch of unripe banana, lettuce and cucumber will take your mind off anything in this world!

Cheese Grilled Quail Eggs

7. Cheese Grilled Quail Eggs

The dish includes the shelled quail eggs, put into a bowl, add topping on top including: cheese, shrimp, sausage, onion, dried green onion, and then grill on a low-heat charcoal stove.

Although the dish is simple, it is popular with young people in Ho Chi Minh City. After grill, quail eggs will have a golden brown crust. People often add chili sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise on top.

Banh Canh Cua

8. Banh canh cua

This special noodle style is more popular in the south as it is eaten with thick, round tapioca noodle compare to thin, glass noodle in the north. The soup is made of different ingredients including pork, prawns, crabs, which makes it so delicious.

You can find the best Banh Canh Cua in these restaurants: Ut Le (district 10), Cau Bong (Binh Thanh district).

Banh Trang Tron

9. Banh Trang Tron

Speaking of rice paper, people often think of Ho Chi Minh City street food that attracts young people. Simple rice paper has been famous from South to North, becoming a popular dish with all kinds of variations. For example, rice paper rolls are cut into square pieces or rolled up, adding some satay, dried onion, dried shrimp, chili. Or the mixed rice paper is too familiar with all kinds of toppings of quail eggs, shrimp, dried beef, dried chicken, green mango, peanuts. One simply cannot say no to a dish of Banh Trang Tron!

In addition, there are also rolls of rice paper (wrapped in a layer of rice paper, underneath is mayonnaise, tamarind sauce, butter sauce, …) or grilled rice paper with quail eggs, cheese, dried beef. .. The authentic rice paper is one of the cheap and delicious dishes in popular Ho Chi Minh City you should try right when you come here.

Com Tam Suon

10. Com tam suon

Speaking of delicious Ho Chi Minh City food , how can we forget the famous Com Tam, also known as Broken rice with pork chop. This dish is considered to be a specialty of Ho Chi Minh City. So what makes Ho Chi Minh City broken rice that special? The rice plate is a combination of fragrant soft half broken steamed rice, honey-flavored grilled meat, crab cake and fish sauce.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

11. Spring Rolls

The spring roll is an easy-to-eat dish in Ho Chi Minh City that is loved by most diners. Shrimps, pork and herbs are simply wrapped with rice paper and a good bowl of delicious hoisin/fish sauce to accompany them. This beautiful spring roll is famous around the world for good reason.

So, anyone feel hungry yet? Shall we plan a trip to Vietnam now to try all these wonderful foods?

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